Curtis Autery, pretty ok husband, dad, and software writer.

About Bytes

This blog is an attempt at minimalism. The platform is "serverless", backed by an S3 bucket, a Lambda@Edge function to handle templates and markdown, and a CloudFront cache. The page layout is purposefully sparse, and the code is readable, with a small footprint. There is no advertising, analytics, or monetization.

My intended content is tech deep dives, small experiments, and musings on life and politics.

About Curtis

I'm Curtis Autery, a senior software engineer for RVshare, a dad several times over, husband to a witchy dressmaker and women's studies major. She has given me beautiful children, and helped me find blind spots keeping me from being a better feminist.

I teach tech to kids. I've worked with Girls Who Code, Tech Corps, and directly with schools my daughters attend. We've covered everything from writing a book report in PowerPoint, to creating pixel animations for video games, to Adafruit dev boards.