Programming deep dives, side projects, and miscellany

Software development

I’m available for small software development jobs at the rate of $4,000 per week. I’m skilled with web app frameworks, databases, networking, encryption, ecommerce, linux, mainframes, and SAAS platforms.

Tech for kids

I work with groups of kids on tech projects free of charge, usually with one of my daughters as an assistant. Some of my volunteer work of this kind is detailed in my résumé, but I’ve done everything from building LED lightsabers with preschoolers, to teaching a summer immersion course on software fundamentals to middle school girls at a state university, to informal “hack nights” at my office, where I help my friends’ kids code up a widget in a single evening.

I live in Columbus, Ohio, but I’m happy to have a conversation with you if your group is elsewhere.

Curtis Autery