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Trump supporters participated in a violent coup attempt based on rumors. After enticing his base to attack the capitol, Trump denounced their actions. Trump was kicked off of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitch. Trump-related content, forums, stores, and servers have been removed from Reddit, Shopify, YouTube, Discord, and Pinterest.

Citing violent content from Trump supporters, Apple and Google have pulled the Parler app from their app stores, and Amazon will stop hosting their servers at midnight tonight.

Trump supporters continue to meet in large groups, maskless, while thousands of their countrymen die from covid every day. The average dead per day over the last week is 3,091.

All the people who were "showing themselves", as my grandmother would say, in the capitol, all the meme-worthy photos like the guy with his feet up on Pelosi's desk, podium guy, and Buffalo Jesus, have since been arrested. Many of the easily identifiable people in the attack have been fired from their jobs.

These ignorant people do not understand consequences, or what constitutes evidence. They are a stain on our country, and they will turn on you in an instant if Dear Leader points them at you. If they'll call for the vice president's head while attacking the US Capitol at the behest of the president, no one is safe from them.

Fuck Trump. Fuck his supporters.


This story from The Daily challenges a lot of my first assuptions and conclusions about the assault on the Capitol building Wednesday. In brief, once the "Stop The Steal" group was banned from Facebook, those people moved to Gab and Parler, and pretty much planned all this out in the open. That included "I'll give you a ride if you have a gun, don't take it on a plane" and "what are some good entrypoints through the Capital windows, and what can we break them with?"


Everyone seems to be irate about the "Trump Tapes", where he called the Georgia secretary of state and asked him to find votes. Meanwhile, my progressive friends on Facebook are just posting pics of cakes they've made or their dogs playing in the snow. It's not that we don't care, it's just that this isn't a new phenomenon to us. From the same man that started shouting voter fraud prior to the election, installed a postmaster general to slow the mail, and had his boy launch a series of lawsuits against states that didn't swing his way. This is no different. Anyone shocked into action now has clearly not been following along.


New year. So far, so good.

The "Twisted Tea" scene is puzzling. I'm watching a lot of my suburban white friends glorify street violence, where an intoxcated man gets hit in the face with a two pound weight, punched repeatedly when he was down, and then choked. Yes, the kid was a jerk. Yes, his attacker had suffered through racism his entire life. No, the kid didn't deserve to be near hospitalized, and no, we shouldn't enjoy watching what is only a couple steps removed from the Django Unchained slave fight, or make memes about it like it was funny.


Redditor's post on walking away from software development

Hacker News link to the reddit post, with more discussion

I've seen this type of thing many times on tech forums, and I have also felt burnout myself, and felt disenchanted with the state of the software engineering ecosystem, hiring practices, trends in the startup industry, and the unmistakable fact that my hair is now much greyer than my peers'.

The conversations in these threads are a good representation of the problems in software jobs. Hiring is painful. Conversations about "process" take on a life of their own. The hastily written v1 software that started the business is broken in 100 ways, and management is resistent to the idea that fixes are needed and new features should be written with more thought and care. Engineers are ornery and antagonistic to management and each other. There are always low-skill politicians, vying to gain favor, position, and money, at the expense of others.

Good companies exist, good executives and middle management exists, well-written software exists, and patient, kind, and curious engineers exist. I've met those people, and I've worked with those companies, and in my 25 years of being in tech, I've built thousands of great memories, and scores of lifelong friendships. Lastly, I get paid to think and type, and untangle problems, and collaborate with people on both sides of my current skill level. I grant that there are some ugly things in the world of software writing, but the good outweighs the bad, and as an engineer I feel joyous much more than I feel bleak.